Branded Merchandise to Help Support Employee Hybrid Working

As physical workspaces start to open up once more following lockdown, many employers are making changes to how and where their employees work. 

Some companies are choosing to return to the traditional 9 to 5 where all team members are physically present Monday to Friday, some are remaining 100% remote and other are opting for a blend of the two – hybrid working.

Hybrid working offers employees and employers the best of both worlds: working from home when it’s desirable and working in a physical office when necessary for collaboration. This provides employees the flexibility they want, while giving employers the opportunity to strengthen operations and company culture in person.

If you are considering this switch or are already in the process of moving to a hybrid office, branded merchandise can play a part in supporting employees in this new environment and make them feel part of the company, even when they are at home. 

Here are three ideas that not only give employees the items they need but also simultaneously shows that you care and helps strengthen your brand.

1. Create a kit to help employees transition between home and the office

Regularly going back and forth between a physical workplace and a home office can involve a bit of thought, especially for employees who no longer have dedicated desks for keeping personal belongings and a permanent computer setup.

To make the logistics of flexible workplaces more seamless, you could give employees a way to easily transport their necessities from home office and the workplace with a hybrid office kit. This can include a branded backpack to hold a laptop, branded pens, pads and travel wallets.

2. Look for ways to partner with fellow local businesses

Restaurants, coffee bars, fitness studios, cinemas and local shops were all impacted by the pandemic. With workers returning to working in city centres, there’s an opportunity to partner with other businesses to support them and your employees.

You could co-brand a travel tumbler with your logo on one side and a nearby coffee shop on the other, they could offer a discount to your employees when they come in with the mug – we have lots for you to choose from.

3. Encourage health and recreation

Healthy employees are often happier employees, so it makes sense to support employees who want to take part in activities that improve their health and get them outdoors, especially if they are doing this with their colleagues.

We have a range of brandable sports items you could provide them with to encourage them to meet their goals, team build and get others to join in.  Water bottles, towels, sweatbands, caps and pedometers.

If you’re ready to include branded merchandise in your transition to a hybrid office we’re here to help.

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