charity merchandise

brandable seed packet

Charity merchandise is a great way for charities to create a powerful and 
long-lasting positive impression with their donors and potential donors

All of our products are fully customisable, so charities can be certain of a positive outcome as well as increased brand awareness. 

Charity merchandise does not have to be an extravagant display of expensive products, it simply needs to be something that can effectively deliver a message to your target audience. Research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association concluded that “usefulness” was the most important factor in a promotional product. This makes sense given that charities (like all businesses) want a promotional product that stands the test of time and is not simply discarded. Sourcing Box has a wide range of products available and will guide you in making the right choice that suits your target audience and budget. 

Our choice of charity promotional products is wide ranging 

Some of our top products include;

  • Pin Badges
  • Counter Display Boxes
  • Trolley Coin Keyrings/ Keyrings
  • Collection Boxes 
  • Campaign Ribbons 
  • Charity event essentials such as balloons, flags, bunting and t-shirts.
  • Items suitable for Direct Mail packs
  • Pens & Stationery 
  • Branded Push Toys 
  • Silicon Wristbands 
  • Mugs/Drinkware 
  • Bags for Life – cotton, organic, recycled, and recyclable material are all available
  • Umbrellas 
  • Fundraising Gazebos, Tablecloths and Signage
  • Lanyards 
branded hemp bag

If your charity is planning an event or looking to refresh the merchandise that you offer why not give us a call on 07776 255 437 or email