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Promotional Products to Boost Your Brand During Lockdown 2.0

You Can Still Promote using Promotional Merchandise Whilst in Lockdown.

In spite of all the clever campaigns emerging within the digital world, traditional forms of advertising such as promotional products are still alive and kicking. Why? Because simply put promotional products are still a powerful marketing tool which can reach the masses often at very low overheads.

But what is the real goal of promotional products?

Well they simply allow customers and prospects to see, associate and recognise your brand, acting as a continuous reminder in their every day or work environment. All these things are important as the more you can build brand exposure and recognition the better results you will see across your business and sales.

Selecting the right promotional product for your business is also vital. After all, if you choose the right product you will maximise your reach and relatability.

Here are some promotional products you can use to effectively promote your brand whilst we are in lockdown.

1. Mugs – This is one promotional product which will always have a good reach – after all how many of us enjoy a morning mug of tea or coffee? It’s a perfect product to go for as it is simple, often very low cost and the branding space is large enough to display your logo, company name, or any message you want to convey. It is also a product that will be used for a long time therefore promoting brand recall.

2. Sweets and Confectionary – Unquestionably one of the most popular items to have as a promotional product, adding some fun and sweetness to the day!

3. T-Shirts – Giving away t-shirts or clothing especially if it displays something to do with an event or activity that your customer or prospect is taking part in themselves will always be popular. The branding area is very flexible from small simple breast logos to full colourful designs.

4. Magnets – The perfect promotional item to accompany a direct mail campaign. Easy to distribute, functional, highly visible and lots of design options available, from standard credit card size, photo- frame magnets, calendars, word games and even jigsaws. A magnet is 100% bespoke. 

5. Notebooks – A simple notebook can have a lasting effect on your customers. Everyone uses a notepad and personalising them will help your company leave an impression as well as offering your employees or customers a durable, professional and handy representation of your brand. 

6. WFH Tech Essentials – In an era where technology is at the forefront of most marketing campaigns, USB’s are the perfect answer to reach the masses and, in some sense, bridge the gap between digital and traditional advertising. USB drives are small in size but offer enough space for a company logo or name, they can also be pre-loaded with sales collateral driving potential customers to your website. They essentially offer a portable way to promote your brand whilst also being useful and reusable.

Of course, these are just a few popular examples of promotional products you can use to boost exposure for your brand. There are plenty other great giveaways for potential customers, which are just as desirable as well as sought after.

If you would like to know more about these or any of our other promotional items, we will be happy to help.

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